a haunted house
an exhibition about memory, perception, and ghostly company.

a Haunted House draws inspiration from the short story by Virginia Woolf of the same name. Existing somewhere in the space between poetry, prose, love, and ghost story, Woolf’s 1921 work describes a pair of ghosts returning to the home they once shared, now inhabited by a new couple. The living narrator describes a feeling of something just beyond their perception, believing the couple to be searching for something they left behind.

Ghost stories, or more broadly, hauntings, require a suspension of linear time- a space in which the past, present, and future can exist simultaneously. This exhibition, then, seeks to occupy that space. Uniting these artist’s works is a presence of that which is absent. Here, the artists seek after ghostly impressions- of perception, of memory, of history.

Curated by Emily Nola

Featuring artists: Hannah Alsdorf, Ian Cotter, Echo Goff, Cecilia Lu, Masha Morgonova, and Grace Rawden

The Green Lodge, Chatham, NY
October 30-November 15th, 2023

an exhibition examining cultural, societal, and personal relationships with the things we eat.

EAT ME! brings together 40 artists exploring how food can connect and divide us. Across mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, and video, EAT ME! presents a varied and thought-provoking cornucopia of work investigating topics such as advertising, packaging, body image, food politics, and food culture.

Curator- Natalie Kates
Exhibition Designer and Project Manager- Emily Nola

June 2nd - July 15th, 2023
Collar Works, Troy, NY

Parables for Proxies
Our lives are based on a concession of volts; the numerics of bars, power, and connection are our confidants and security. Parables for Proxies calls popular ideas concerning post-humanistic futures a counterfeit. Instead of bodies adorning machinic qualities of strength and efficiency, they are becoming less posthuman and increasingly subhuman. We have segmented ourselves; contact is via zoom, transcribed through texts, and parsed through social media. The body has been reduced to parts, pieces, and clipped experiences. The works in Parables for Proxies use a desperate Frankenstenian practice to symbolize slowly putting bits of life back together again. This exhibition is about reestablishing the virtue of the physical body. Consisting of kinetic sculptures, multi-media installations and video/performance, Parables for Proxies acts as an alarm for societal reboot; where viewers are asked to recognize the deep need for humanistic responsibility and presence within a technological culture.
January 27th- March 5th, 2023 Collar Works, Troy, NY

Soft Play
“The dance within our studios is our common thread. We playfully move from one material to the next, guided by intuition. Our materials often become dancers themselves, performing clunky childhood memories and the awkward grace of stepping beyond them. As painters and sculptors, we engage in the making process propelled by improvised movement and hard-won instinct.”August 25- December 11th, 2022 Collar Works Troy, NY

AT ALL: A VIRTUAL EXHIBITION surveys the work of the SCAD Fibers class of 2020. The exhibition provides a digital space to showcase each artist’s body of work, highlighting the ways in which these makers communicate through various modes of creation; organized into five parts, each focusing on a conceptual theme. These artists and designers are pursuing many different career paths, but this exhibition focuses on how these different modes of working can, and do, inform each other. The exhibition showcases how works across each discipline are in dialogue with one another.The final installment is focused on the ways in which these artists and designers are responding to the challenges we are currently facing as a society. With major changes occurring in the daily lives of most individuals, the class of 2020 has been asked to rethink their studio practices, adapt their ways of working, and design for a new tomorrow. This exhibition explores the ways in which they have risen to this new challenge.


A show about feminine handiwork and the woman artists who embrace and explore these tradition in regards to home, memory, and the deterioration of these ideas. Featured artists include: Emily Nola, Madison Kline, Emily Renee Stockwell, Allie Mosley, Alison Lopez and Sarah Mabry.

Curated by Emily Nola and Christian Guitierrez